Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Blog Candy

Blog candy up for grabs on Rach's site. Take a look gorgeous stamps.
Know I am a bit late but you know what they say!

A Card

Well it has taken me a couple of days but here is one of the first Christmas cards I have done in a while. Thought I would have had more done but tired out just doing this one. A cheat as I used a kit I got from QVC but it makes it easy for me at the mo........
Thought it would be a good one for sending to family abroad.

Haste ye back..........

Monday, 20 October 2008


Another week gone by again. Thanks to my friends for all their concerns and to Jackie for that kick! Must have worked as I have been up all weekend and out and about on Saturday [first time in three weeks]. Still not myself but the diabetic nurse has started me on some new pills and am hoping that will help. She is also very concerned about my blood pressure and I will probably need to go on more pills for that too but meantime she thinks I have enough to cope with. Have promised myself I will do a couple of Christmas cards today so watch this space. Take care everyone and haste ye back....

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Almost another week has gone by and have to admit have not done much at all. Still under the weather and spending lots of time lying on top of my bed, dozing on and off and watching the goggle box which is not like me. Terrible to admit I haven't even picked up a book in all these weeks I have been ill.
I have the diabetic nurse tomorrow so see what she has to say as my bloods are not under control just now. I have been blaming all the pills I have been taking but no reason really this last week. Will probably get a ticking off but not caring as I feel so washed out, wish I had the energy to pull myself together. Need a kick in the butt area I think!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Day three of my being back to normal not. Spent another day yesterday in bed just cannot shake this tiredness, I feel so zapped of energy. It feels like my M.E. all over again which I don't want, so taking it easy once more and so so fed-up! Cannot find the energy or get up and go to do any crafting and am way behind with my Christmas cards. Hopefully I will feel like doing some soon.
I finally emptied out my craft bag from my weekend away in Manchester [seems such a long time ago now]. I came across this little box that I made with stampbord so thought you might like to see it.

Take care folks and haste ye back.......

Monday, 6 October 2008

Hopefully back in the land of the living.

It's been quite a while folks since I posted anything, sorry about that but I have been ill with first bronchitis and then my arthritis in my right knee has been really bad. I have been bedded again for over a week as I could hardly walk - today is my first day up. I must say I thought I would be full of energy but just the opposite - I feel like a washed out rag! The leg is still painful to walk on but at least I AM WALKING!
Taking things easy for the next few days so hopefully will get back on track with my crafting soon. Meantime this is another clock that I made for my Canadian visitors while they were off with Mike having a tour around Arbroath Abbey. They loved the clock and it is now winging it's way back to Canada with them.