Friday, 31 July 2009


Glad it is Friday as means OH home over the weekend. I'm not normally lonely but for some reason this week have missed his company. Well gradually all my aches and pains have come back and I wonder if all the anti-biotics pumped into me lately have kept them at bay! My knee and elbow are extremely painful again to say the least and now my sciatica has returned too. Walking around is torture feel like I have been left out in rain to rust lol.
On to a more pleasant subject this is my last card of the week and I hope whoever has been following my blog [especially my friend Linda] have enjoyed looking at them. This one is for my niece - again ahead of myself her birthday is next month but will be away on holiday so best get them all done in advance.

I have a few more to do but am busy just now doing a scrapbook for my grand-daughter's 16th so will have to get that finished soon.

Have a nice weekend folks and haste ye back........

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Today's card is for my youngest son and normally I do Sci-fi cards for him as he is a great fan. I have deviated from this altogether and gone with a nature scene so I hope he will like it. Very simple card with a border as it is for a man not much decoration.

Haste ye back...........

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Birthday Cake

Today's card is one I made for my other grand-daughter who will be the grand old age of 12 at the beginning of September [getting ahead of myself]. Naomi is so full of life it is difficult to pin down what all she likes or more to the point the few things she doesn't. The card in the end I made was of a huge birthday cake with all the colours she loves - simple [as the meerkat would say lol].

Thanks for looking and haste ye back.........

Monday, 27 July 2009


Had a brilliant time at our son's 40th surprise party have posted picture on Facebook if anyone interested to see. It was wonderful to meet all his friends that I remember as little boys visiting my home in their lunch hours from school. I got so many bear hugs from these strapping big men when we met again. Some after many years and others who had become life long friends with my sons. It did my heart good to see them all together again with their families and enjoying themselves.
Anyway I digress, the family are now safely away on a two weeks holiday so I can now publish the rest of the cards that I made for their birthdays. Here is the first one today...

This one is for my grand-daughter's 16th birthday when she comes home. It was difficult to decide what to make but as they have a small dog I decided on this image. The die-cut is mounted on two layers then I did the tag with a ribbon around it's neck added the numbers, butterfly and sentiment. Another cute one I think.
Haste ye back..........

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Today's card was at the request of my Dutch DIL who wanted something special for her sister's birthday. Sat down with her yesterday morning and after much picking and discussing we came up with this.

I love the colours and how they all blend so well with each other in this one it looks so sweet!
Haste ye back..........

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

First card in Ages

Here I am one week later and still alive! Feeling much better but still have blasted cough but didn't deter me to go and get my hair done yesterday. First time since last October so it was a real mess. Son's 40th on Friday so had to look good for that at least.
Made all of six cards and still have a couple to do - lots of birthdays the next couple of months so trying to get ahead. The first is for No 1 son so hope he doesn't take it into his head to look at my blog.

Had some nice card stock which I used and then decoupaged the dog and balloon onto it. Added sentiment, age etc but refrained from anything else in case it made it look girly!

Will post more later so haste ye back...........

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Here we are a week later and I am no better. The cough is still bad and my head too with my sinus's and runny nose. I have been feeling shivery and cold too and the receptionist at the doctors was not going to let me see him in case I had Swine flu! Eventually I did and got another course of anti-biotic' s and told to rest. The rash on my legs is getting better and not itching now and hopefully it will start to fade soon. The lump is still there not sore anymore so I suppose it is progress of a kind!
I have a backlog of cards to make so hoping I will feel well enough to start in a couple of days.
Thanks for looking in. Take care all.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

No crafting

Sorry no cards this past week but have been under the weather again. My feet and ankles have been really badly swollen and I have come out with some sort of rash on my legs which is rather itchy to say the least. I now have to take penicillin tables to help clear [but so far nothing happening] I also have an abscess growing between my boobs of all places. To crown it all I now have a real bad chesty cough and runny nose. I think I will take up the offer from my friend Jackie and borrow her gun lol!

Keep crafting..........

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Cards for Canada

Two cards for Canada today - one is for my great-niece who has just given birth to her second boy at the weekend. Reilly Lucas is his name and he weighed in at 6lbs 5ozs on Sunday 28th June 2 weeks early but I think his mum was glad it was over quick.

Used some card stock I had and layered and punched with Martha Stewart new punch. Added some decoupage animals, ribbon and flowers. Finally added his name and sentiment.

My second card is for a cousin who has been unwell for some time she is a paraplegic and suffers a lot and has been really through the mill lately so hope she likes the card.

I made this one simple with a lovely verse [which unfortunately you cannot see clearly because the flash got in the way] and just some layered flowers, pearls again used Martha Stewart punch.

Haste ye back................