Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Took the plunge this morning and made an appointment to see the Doctor. Gave him a list [in case I forgot anything] of all the things that had been happening to me. He took my blood pressure too and it was up so not too happy about that! He seems to think that I either have a virus or the new pills are disagreeing with my other ones I take for my diabetes. Now have pills to counteract the sickness until I see the nurse again next week. Doctor is in agreement with her and thinks he will have to refer me to the specialist and I will have to go on insulin or a combination of insulin and some of the pills I am already taking. Oh the joys!!
I did manage to go to my craft class this morning before seeing the Doctor but I was so unwell when I got there that I just sat and chatted and had a cup of tea to settle my stomach. It was a shame as this was the last one before the summer break.

Monday, 25 May 2009

B ank Holiday Monday

Bank Holiday Monday but not here in Scotland - in my neck of the woods anyway! Still not feeling up to scratch but my friend came down to visit for the weekend so that was fantastic. The first time I have seen her this year as she was in Australia visiting her daughter until the end of March and then she has been ill herself. What a pair we are, but it was so lovely to see her and catch up on all her news. Sadly she went home early this morning, OH gave her a lift back to Aberdeen.
Been catching up on my favourite blogs and everyone seems to have been real busy with their crafting so I will have to get my backside in gear and get on with some soon.
That's all for now folks, so haste ye back and have a good week.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Good & Not so Good News

Well after a promising week with the diet, out walking each night for a hour [taking things slowly]. The blood sugars are finally coming down into reasonable figures 9.0 and below which is a relief. I did some gardening last Thursday but managed to pull the muscles in my lower back so was in agony all weekend!
Still managed to see the new Star Trek film [courtesy of youngest son, Michael - part of my birthday present from him and Wendy [DIL]. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone out there who loves Sci-fi films.
My eyesight is still bothering me and come Monday I felt really ill, severe dizzyness, vomiting and diarrhoea. It was really scary so Tuesday I just took things easy and chilled out. Today I had my appointment with the diabetic nurse and explained how I was feeling to her. Although she was pleased with me and my weight loss [6lbs whoopee do!] she advised I go home and take it easy for the next few days incase I had one of these bugs that is going around. If I am not right after a couple of days I have to phone her. Must say I am feeling really peculiar and am off now to have a lie down for a while.
Sorry no cards but hopefully back to normal soon.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Flutter By Wednesday Challenge #57

Well I finally sat down and made a card with my new Daisy stamps. In checking out the blogs I visit Nicola mentioned a flutterby competition so I thought I would have a go. It is also for my friend who has not been well these past few months since she came home from a holiday in Australia. I hope the card cheers her up as I miss seeing her. [Picture not the greatest for some reason]

I stamped the image with versamark and coloured in with Prisma pens and a few Sekura ones. Mounted onto a reverse frame from my Nestabilities and added papers ribbon and flowers from stash.

Haste ye back....................

Monday, 11 May 2009

The month of May

Oh dear, I have been neglecting my poor blog a lot lately. I celebrated another birthday on the first and received some lovely cards from friends and family so thank you all especially the handmade ones.
Birthday flowers from OH

The ongoing saga with my diabetes continues and I have had a reprieve until the 20th to give the new pills a chance. My blood sugars are starting to go down so I am forever hopeful. I have had to cut down even more on my carbohydrates as they seem to think this will help with my weight and the bloods, also if I go on insulin it could be a real problem. I'm not hopeful though as after trying for the past 50 years there is not much I can be told about dieting. Maybe I should write my own book only nothing has worked longterm so wouldn't be a bestseller anytime soon!

Bought some crafting goodies, first time this year so am hopeful I will feel like playing with them and post the results on here over the next few days.
Bye for now and haste ye back..........