Monday, 8 September 2008


I have come across several blogs that are taking up this campaign and I am in complete agreement with them. Blog hopping can become such a chore when word verification is on and I do try and get around all my friends and this takes up so much time. It's so easy to turn it off and any spam comments are easily deleted if you have comment moderation turned on. Please support us.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Hectic Weekend

Have had a hectic and tiring weekend! Yesterday we went through to Aberdeen and took my brother out to lunch for his birthday. We had a really enjoyable time and vowed to do it more often. We had thought that Mike's brother would join us too but he just couldn't make it, maybe next time.
Mike was making funny comments to make us laugh when he took this photo of my brother and me. I don't have many of the two of us so will cherish it.

Today it was back to hard work unfortunately for both of us. The painter finished our bedroom on Friday but we had to leave the gloss paint to dry before we could clean up the room. It was particularly messy as the last owners had polystyrene tiles on all the ceilings which we hated, hence the big clean-up! Every bit of my body aches after spending all day doing the big clean, so think it will be an early night tonight. Tomorrow I might tackle the curtains and bedding will see, so am to tired to do any crafting!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Handbag advent tree

Finally I have finished the last project a different slant on the advent tree. It really was a labour of love as as you can imagine, putting it all together, and trying to come up with different styles for each bag.

Project Eight - A modern Christmas advent tree, which you can perhaps put chocolates in, or small gifts i.e. charms, sweets - whatever you fancy really.
The pot was decorated, filled with sand, the tree was made for us and we just had to paint it and screw hooks into the wood. the bags were also cut out but the time consuming part was scoring, taping, decorating and making up.

Close up of the pot
Close up of the bags -
Hope you like it.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Mini Album

Well here I am two days later and I have finally finished the next project. Took quite a bit of time but I enjoyed doing this one [the decorating part]!

Project Seven - Small family photo album, each chipboard word spelling F A M I L Y, then using K & Co Mira papers cut out and decorate each letter front and back. Decorated with K & Co Mira Glitter birds and flower stickers. Cardstock used, blossoms, ribbons, brads & gems.

The final result - FRONT VIEW

F TO A -
A TO M -
M TO I -
I TO L -
L TO Y -

One last project to go will try and finish it for tomorrow but not holding my breathe as again there is quite a lot of work involved with it. Hopefully you will think it is worth it.

Haste ye back.........

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Christmas countdown calendar

Another day another dollar [or so they say]. Finished another of my projects from my craft weekend. This one took a lot of time so that's it for today. Still got another two to do but they are very time consuming so might be a few days yet before you see my labours on these.

Project Six - A calendar for Christmas mounted on to a magnetic board from Making Memories. You can move about the snowmen, Santa, Santa's hat & snowflakes etc as
they are all magnetized .

I love this one but that's me, love your comments on it.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Crafting Weekend Projects

Here it is the 1st September and I'm still waiting for summer to arrive! I had a terrible night so cancelled my visit to Aberdeen today. Have been taking things easy and finishing off some of my craft projects that I did this weekend so without further ado will put you out of your misery with my little tease earlier.

First Project - Christmas card, matching bag for present and of course, you guessed a decorated candle to match.

Second Project - a clipboard decorated, painted and photo added.

Third Project - a couple of Christmas cards made with templates [not so keen on the candle one].

Fourth Project - Decorated board, mounted with mirror and space for pictures, pleated hanging cord. The photo does not do this one justice!

Fifth Project - Wine Box, painted silver and decorated inside and out. Wine velvet base inside and on top which you cannot see in picture. Velvet added around which I was supposed to add jewels to but like it plain. Lastly ribbon threaded through to tie and close box. This one was a killer to do.

Well that is all I have managed to finish today, photograph and let you see. I have three more projects that are stunning. Sorry to leave you all hanging again but not sure when I will get them finished. You will just have to keep checking back to see if they are done.

That's all for now folks.............