Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Christmas countdown calendar

Another day another dollar [or so they say]. Finished another of my projects from my craft weekend. This one took a lot of time so that's it for today. Still got another two to do but they are very time consuming so might be a few days yet before you see my labours on these.

Project Six - A calendar for Christmas mounted on to a magnetic board from Making Memories. You can move about the snowmen, Santa, Santa's hat & snowflakes etc as
they are all magnetized .

I love this one but that's me, love your comments on it.


Jan said...

Its absolutely gorgeous - very well done.

Jan M

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely superb- it's magnificent ans so innovative. Good on you.


Liz C said...

Fantastic Liz

Linda said...

Hey Liz, before I leave my comment, just want to say that I am not old enough to be a 'wifie' lol.

Now on to serious things. The calendar is absolutely gorgeous.

No wonder you are tired, what with all the projects you have done these last couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Thats fab Liz, brilliant. Louise Emma

PeeJay said...

This is great Liz. Think it's my favourite one so far.

Cazz said...

This is amazing hun - well done xxx

rhomin said...

Another beauty Liz - seems a shame to have to put it away until the 1st December. What a lot you've covered in a weekend. Can't wait to see the next installment!

Jean said...

I love all your projects Liz, can't believe how much you managed in one weekend.

wintersparkle said...

Lovely can you make one for each of us LOL hope your feeling better soon to xx

Kathteabelly said...

I love this Christmas calendar
it is absolutely gorgeous
Well Done Liz

Love Kath x x x