Saturday, 31 January 2009

Finished Project

I am so excited, just finished my first piece of crochet work following a pattern. Okay it is still done with wool but will get the proper crochet wool to try out a pattern with later. Expecting my grand-daughters any minute now for a sleepover so better go and get ready.

Haste ye back..........

Friday, 30 January 2009


I feel so guilty as I have been neglecting my poor blog something terrible. My only excuse is that I have not been doing anything exciting at the moment. I did go to my crafting class at the local church last Tuesday, and the ladies are such a lovely bunch and so kind and helpful.
I did some more of my crocheting and the lady teaching me has now got me reading a pattern. I will post the finished project soon but in the meantime here is a photo of my little practice piece.

Thanks for dropping in and haste ye back..........

Monday, 19 January 2009

Another Monday

Another Monday, another miserable week weather-wise. Snowing heavy here today and forecast not looking good for the rest of the week. Trying hard to keep warm and as yet not back to crafting apart from finishing off a couple of cards I did a while ago for family.
Read Julie Walters autobiography which was excellent and started Dawn French's one - not sure about this one yet, will keep you posted.
Using OH PC notebook to keep up with my cyber friends and what they are up to, so all in all not much to report on this last week.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Winter Blues

Sorry I have not been updating my blog but think I have the winter blues. Not been outside since before the New Year and tomorrow finally getting my butt in gear and going to the first church/craft lunch for this year. The weather has been so foul that it has really been a thought to venture outside. OH has been doing the shopping and I haven't been in the crafting mode so I have been TV watching. Terrible really as I received some lovely biographies for Christmas presents but have not made a start on reading them yet. Have to admit just hate this time of year and would just love to hibernate [which I think I am doing!]. Maybe after tomorrow I will find the energy to 'get going'. Is any of you out there feeling the same as me?

Friday, 2 January 2009

A Happy New Year

I just want to wish all my friends, cyber and real, followers of my blog and those who have taken the time to leave comments for me all the very best healthwise, wealthwise and happiness for 2009.

We had a fantastic time in Aberdeen with family and friends for our Ruby Wedding celebrations and here are a few photos to prove it!