Monday, 12 January 2009

Winter Blues

Sorry I have not been updating my blog but think I have the winter blues. Not been outside since before the New Year and tomorrow finally getting my butt in gear and going to the first church/craft lunch for this year. The weather has been so foul that it has really been a thought to venture outside. OH has been doing the shopping and I haven't been in the crafting mode so I have been TV watching. Terrible really as I received some lovely biographies for Christmas presents but have not made a start on reading them yet. Have to admit just hate this time of year and would just love to hibernate [which I think I am doing!]. Maybe after tomorrow I will find the energy to 'get going'. Is any of you out there feeling the same as me?

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sheffsue said...

I know just what you mean Liz!!..I've had to really push myself to do anything. I always say that when I reach pension age I'm going abroad for the winter...October to March sounds about right! Hope you start to feel a bit brighter soon...spring is supposed to be on the way.
Take care

Sue x