Saturday, 31 January 2009

Finished Project

I am so excited, just finished my first piece of crochet work following a pattern. Okay it is still done with wool but will get the proper crochet wool to try out a pattern with later. Expecting my grand-daughters any minute now for a sleepover so better go and get ready.

Haste ye back..........


Anonymous said...

That's really good. My great gran and my gran and then my mum were brilliant at crocheting. No matter how much they persevered with me I kept messing it up and still cannot get to grips with it, so I take my hat off to you. Well done!

Trace x

Anonymous said...

Well done Liz a nice feeling when you learn something new:0) I like to crochet but must admit not done any for years .

Toni said...

beautiful Liz

Jean said...

Great start Liz.
I started a quilt - super big squares with sunflower in centre - many years ago. Got about eight done and lost interest, think I chose a project too far.

Pat aka Handy said...

Hi Liz you have made a super job with your crocheting now you will be able to make some lovely little flowers to add to your cards when the mojo returns.

Keep it up well done

Pat aka Handy xx

sheffsue said...

Well done Liz! I used to crochet many years ago....keep telling myself I will take it up again.
Hope you're feeling a lot better by the way.

Sue x

Nicola said...

Well done Liz, looking forward to viewing some lovely crochet flowers now. -x-

Wendy said...

Dear Liz,

Fantastic work, Liz. And here is me "trying" to knit a scarf! Hopeless! Glad I have seen the end results of your efforts. :) :)


Wendy xxx

Cazz said...

Well done you xxxx

Please pop over to my blog as I have something there for you xxx