Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Last Posting before Christmas

This will probably be my last posting until after Christmas as things are getting busy preparing for the Yuletide event. I spent yesterday finally getting around to making that final clock for my young son's new home. I do hope they like it and the colours and style I have picked for them.

Our Ruby Wedding Anniversary is on the 27th and we are going up to stay at a posh hotel in Aberdeen for a long weekend. We plan having a meal with just the family to celebrate. I made this card for hubby and hope it is appropriate as my mind just went blank and men are always so hard to make cards for, but I am sure he will like it.

Take care to all my friends out there - have a wonderful Christmas and Best wishes for 2009.

Friday, 19 December 2008


To all my friends online especially the Imag-e-nation Forum here's wishing you a lovely Christmas
and a very healthy, and happy 2009!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Finished, at Last!

At last I have caught up and finished my last Christmas card. What a relief, can now relax a bit and get back to more normal things. Here are some pictures of some of the last few........

Monday, 15 December 2008


It's getting closer every time I post, so not long now folks until Christmas. At least I am finally catching up and have only half a dozen cards to make plus an Anniversary and Birthday one and then I can relax.
I didn't go out this weekend as my knee as usual was playing up but spent time doing my cards. My youngest son and his wife came for a flying visit on Sunday so it was nice to catch up with them both.
Watched the exciting final of X Factor and thought Alexandria was a well deserved winner, also watched my favourite Strictly Come Dancing but was annoyed about the voting and roll over in the end. I think a lot of voters were very disgruntled about it but the final next Saturday should be exciting.
Here are a few more cards that I made [forgot to photo some of them before I posted them all].

Not the best of photos

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Christmas Tree

Been keeping busy since my last posting catching up with some more Christmas cards and finally got our new Christmas tree up and decorated but not much else yet.
Went to the craft meeting at the church and stayed for lunch which was lovely. This was the last meet until January but got a pleasant surprise as the Guild have invited to me their Christmas lunch on Friday. Something to look forward to and I will be picked up and dropped off by car so that is a bonus.
Still in a lot of pain with my knee but getting by with lots of painkillers. It's very cold again today and there was a shower or two but no snow, thank goodness.

Well better get back to the cards but here are a few I have done so far -

The next four are for my family and of course, had to be extra special...

Saturday, 6 December 2008


After a week in bed nursing this horrible cold & cough I ventured out today with OH's assistance to get my Christmas cards for Canada and abroad posted. I also bought 24 large stamps for more cards and 30 2nd class and was shocked to find the cost came to over £33 and that's without the cards, postage only! It's certainly getting pretty expensive, last year I paid £20 and thought that extortionate.
We had a lovely lunch at the local 'Bakehouse' - the first decent meal we've had all week as we haven't felt much like cooking. After doing some shopping and ordering our Christmas meat from the local butcher I was ready to give in and go home as the pain in my knee was as bad as ever. It seems that whatever I do to rest it as soon as I start walking up and down the hills here [nothing is on a level] off it goes again.
Hopefully I will manage to do some of the dreaded h****w**k tomorrow and try and catch up on some more Christmas cards. It would have been such a special day if my mum had still been alive, as we would have been celebrating her 95th birthday , unbelievable [ I still miss her so much].

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Hello to all and welcome. After such a good week last week up until Thursday I am once again feeling awful! I was in so much pain with my knee on Thursday that I had to phone OH to come and pick me up and take me home [I was in Aberdeen for the day with my pal]. He was feeling pretty awful himself with a bad cold so we both ended up in bed by 4.30pm. Must be a first for us. OH has been nursing his cold all weekend and guess what -yes, he very generously passed it on to me. That's all I need, so once again in bed with nose, eyes and just about everything else running!! I so do not need this just now and am very disappointed that we missed our grand-daughters in their stage show at the Aberdeen Arts Centre but I heard that they were brilliant.
Oh well, back to bed with a hot drink and some cold remedies.
See you soon.........

PS It's also snowing hard and very cold, brrrrrr.