Saturday, 6 December 2008


After a week in bed nursing this horrible cold & cough I ventured out today with OH's assistance to get my Christmas cards for Canada and abroad posted. I also bought 24 large stamps for more cards and 30 2nd class and was shocked to find the cost came to over £33 and that's without the cards, postage only! It's certainly getting pretty expensive, last year I paid £20 and thought that extortionate.
We had a lovely lunch at the local 'Bakehouse' - the first decent meal we've had all week as we haven't felt much like cooking. After doing some shopping and ordering our Christmas meat from the local butcher I was ready to give in and go home as the pain in my knee was as bad as ever. It seems that whatever I do to rest it as soon as I start walking up and down the hills here [nothing is on a level] off it goes again.
Hopefully I will manage to do some of the dreaded h****w**k tomorrow and try and catch up on some more Christmas cards. It would have been such a special day if my mum had still been alive, as we would have been celebrating her 95th birthday , unbelievable [ I still miss her so much].


Linda said...

Hi Liz, sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit under the weather recently. Hopefully with the new year in sight things will start to improve.

Happy christmas and all the best for 2009.

Jackie said...

Oh Liz you have been through it of late, you will be rattling with all those painkillers. So glad to see you posting again. I know exactly what you mean about postage. !!! I was pretty shocked when I went to get my stamps too.