Monday, 11 May 2009

The month of May

Oh dear, I have been neglecting my poor blog a lot lately. I celebrated another birthday on the first and received some lovely cards from friends and family so thank you all especially the handmade ones.
Birthday flowers from OH

The ongoing saga with my diabetes continues and I have had a reprieve until the 20th to give the new pills a chance. My blood sugars are starting to go down so I am forever hopeful. I have had to cut down even more on my carbohydrates as they seem to think this will help with my weight and the bloods, also if I go on insulin it could be a real problem. I'm not hopeful though as after trying for the past 50 years there is not much I can be told about dieting. Maybe I should write my own book only nothing has worked longterm so wouldn't be a bestseller anytime soon!

Bought some crafting goodies, first time this year so am hopeful I will feel like playing with them and post the results on here over the next few days.
Bye for now and haste ye back..........


Linda said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Liz. Hope the news on the 20th is good and that the new pills are having the desired effect.

Like you, the palace noticeboard has been seriously neglected recently. What with work, visitors and pneumonia.

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

A belated Happy Birthday Liz, like you I have been trying time to make a few cards and catch up on blogging, never seem to have enough time for everything. Hope you get good news on the 20th, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Take care and thanks for making the time to comment on my blog.

Chris x