Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Good & Not so Good News

Well after a promising week with the diet, out walking each night for a hour [taking things slowly]. The blood sugars are finally coming down into reasonable figures 9.0 and below which is a relief. I did some gardening last Thursday but managed to pull the muscles in my lower back so was in agony all weekend!
Still managed to see the new Star Trek film [courtesy of youngest son, Michael - part of my birthday present from him and Wendy [DIL]. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone out there who loves Sci-fi films.
My eyesight is still bothering me and come Monday I felt really ill, severe dizzyness, vomiting and diarrhoea. It was really scary so Tuesday I just took things easy and chilled out. Today I had my appointment with the diabetic nurse and explained how I was feeling to her. Although she was pleased with me and my weight loss [6lbs whoopee do!] she advised I go home and take it easy for the next few days incase I had one of these bugs that is going around. If I am not right after a couple of days I have to phone her. Must say I am feeling really peculiar and am off now to have a lie down for a while.
Sorry no cards but hopefully back to normal soon.

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