Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Here we are a week later and I am no better. The cough is still bad and my head too with my sinus's and runny nose. I have been feeling shivery and cold too and the receptionist at the doctors was not going to let me see him in case I had Swine flu! Eventually I did and got another course of anti-biotic' s and told to rest. The rash on my legs is getting better and not itching now and hopefully it will start to fade soon. The lump is still there not sore anymore so I suppose it is progress of a kind!
I have a backlog of cards to make so hoping I will feel well enough to start in a couple of days.
Thanks for looking in. Take care all.


sheffsue said...

You're not having a good year health wise Liz...hope things start to get better for you very soon.
Take care

Sue x

Linda said...

Glad to hear some of your ailments are improving. Hope you feel better soon. Take care