Friday, 31 July 2009


Glad it is Friday as means OH home over the weekend. I'm not normally lonely but for some reason this week have missed his company. Well gradually all my aches and pains have come back and I wonder if all the anti-biotics pumped into me lately have kept them at bay! My knee and elbow are extremely painful again to say the least and now my sciatica has returned too. Walking around is torture feel like I have been left out in rain to rust lol.
On to a more pleasant subject this is my last card of the week and I hope whoever has been following my blog [especially my friend Linda] have enjoyed looking at them. This one is for my niece - again ahead of myself her birthday is next month but will be away on holiday so best get them all done in advance.

I have a few more to do but am busy just now doing a scrapbook for my grand-daughter's 16th so will have to get that finished soon.

Have a nice weekend folks and haste ye back........


Linda said...

Another fab card Liz and I am sure your niece will love it.

Hope the aches and pains soon disappear.

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

Hi Liz, Hope you feel better soon, lovely butterfly card

Chris xx