Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Day three of my being back to normal not. Spent another day yesterday in bed just cannot shake this tiredness, I feel so zapped of energy. It feels like my M.E. all over again which I don't want, so taking it easy once more and so so fed-up! Cannot find the energy or get up and go to do any crafting and am way behind with my Christmas cards. Hopefully I will feel like doing some soon.
I finally emptied out my craft bag from my weekend away in Manchester [seems such a long time ago now]. I came across this little box that I made with stampbord so thought you might like to see it.

Take care folks and haste ye back.......


sheffsue said...

A beautiful box Liz. Oh I so hope it isn't the dreaded M.E. coming back. I know it's easy to say... but please look after yourself and rest.
Take care

Sue x

Joanie said...

Hello Liz
Your box is lovely, I was lucky enough to see it in Manchester, and have to say it looks even better in the flesh! lol
Hope you are feeling better today.
Take care
Love Joanie xxxx

Linda said...

Hi Liz
Have to agree with Sue and Joanie, your box is fabulous.
Sorry to hear you have been feeling under the weather recently and hope since you last posted that you are feeling a lot better.
Take care

Chris (Wellnifty) said...

It's lovely, well done

Chris x