Monday, 22 June 2009

The Weekend

I haven't done any challenges this weekend as I have had my two grand-daughters to stay and we have had such fun. We went for lunch on Saturday courtesy of my youngest son and his wife which was lovely. We then went shopping and I bought them some clothes for their holiday coming up next month. Well that was hilarious as Naomi the youngest does not like trying on clothes. I wish I had had a camcorder with us to record the goings on with her , it was hilarious but in the end she picked two dresses, a schrug [spelling] and a top. Laura the oldest had no problems she knew what she wanted straight away!
On Sunday we sat with the main computer, Laura was on her laptop and Naomi used her grandfather's notebook. We all went onto Facebook and I showed them how to play several of the most popular games. Again it was great fun and we didn't even notice the sun shining outside. When their dad came to pick them up he thought we were all nuts missing out on the beautiful day. The poor dog Poppy was totally out of it with the heat, felt so sorry for her.

Here are a few photos of Naomi at her Prom on Friday night - she is the tallest of them all! Needless to say her grandfather and I are so proud of her - she starts secondary school after the summer holidays.


Linda said...

Don't they look swish. It seems like yesterday that my three were going to their proms

Nicola said...

Such precious photos to treasure forever and Mark your grandaughters Prom Liz. Pleased you have had such a lovely weekend.
Nicola -x-