Friday, 6 June 2008


Friday once again, and I have had a quiet few days since Tuesday. It has been lovely sunshine again so I have been out in the garden planting out some impatiens [busy lizzie], osteospermum, cosmos and a hosta for it's lovely green and yellow foliage. Yesterday I visited a friend for coffee and stayed for lunch. It was a lovely day and she has a lovely secluded garden at the back of her house so I got sunburned for free!
Today I have been busy trying to sort out our spare room as OH has finally finished the painting. I put up some sheers in the window and changed the room around. Took a chest of drawers from our room and put my works of art that I made up on the wall. We still have to get our new wardrobe delivered and a new headboard but all in all it is looking pretty good. I am pretty tired now but satisfied with what I have achieved. Next thing we have to tackle is the kitchen!!
Take care all and here's wishing you a lovely weekend.

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