Friday, 21 November 2008

Friday already!

Haven't had much time to craft these last few days had the doctor on Wednesday and now on an extra pill [over and above all the rest that I take]for my blood pressure. The doctor is not happy with it lately as it has been higher on each visit to the surgery. Started taking them today so will see how I get on.
Yesterday OH was off work as he had to go through some tests too as they are concerned for his blood sugar count. I do hope he does not have to go onto pills like me for diabetes as he has enough to cope with. It doesn't sound to bad as his blood sugars were 6.2 and that is good to me as I never seem to get below 7. something but of course I am no expert!
Off out this afternoon to a craft event at the local community centre with a friend, so that should be interesting. Will have to wrap up warmly as it is soooo cold today. Where-ever you are wrap up to and take care. Have a good weekend folks!

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