Thursday, 26 March 2009


Well Mother's Day has come and gone and it's always a sad time of year for me as I lost my mum almost 6 years ago. My sons did me proud though and we all went out for a meal as it was my DIL's birthday the same day. I received a lovely bunch of flowers and a patio rose plant for the garden from my youngest son and his wife. My oldest son, DIL and grand-daughters gave me such a lovely surprise. He had my grandfather's WWI medals and the letter from the Admiralty stating he went down with his ship the HMS Goliath and a letter from King George V send with the memorial medal for those who died in WWI, all mounted in a wonderful frame. I just love it.

One of the medals is missing but I am hoping I can get a replacement once I find out how to go about it.

I am off on holiday on Saturday for a week so no postings on the blog for a while. I am looking forward to the break as I am still not feeling 100% so hoping I will feel refreshed when I come back.

Take care all and haste ye back.........


PeeJay said...

Hey Liz, we'll have to get together - lol!! I have the medal that goes with that ribbon (my grandad's as well) but not the ribbon - lol!! Take a look at my blog, look for Pip, Squeak and Wilfred and you'll see what the medal looks like - it's the British War Medal 1914-1919. You can get replacements here - - and you can have it engraved, as the originals are. Put medr253 in the search box ..... What a lovely thing to have been done for you.

Linda said...

What a lovely present, I am sure it will be something you will treasure.

Hope you enjoyed the holiday.