Thursday, 5 November 2009

I'm Back

After several months of inactivity I am finally back! My loyal followers must be truly fed-up with me and I have no excuse really. My mojo up and went and have been through the mill with new treatment for my diabetes but at least it seems to be working. I have lost 10 kilos [22lbs] at last count with the hospital and I think I have lost a little more but not sure how reliable my scales are lol. I am so chuffed can hardly believe it so long may it continue.

Now down to business I have my BIL's birthday this month so finally sat down this morning and made a card. Nothing fancy but I love the scene and colours. I mounted scene onto lovely jade coloured card stock and decoupaged the oval picture added a little glamour dust and a ribbon.

Hoping to make a start on my Christmas cards so haste ye back.....


Joanie said...

Hi Liz
Good to see you back, and lovely to hear you are doing so well now, with your health.
Lovely card, and nice choice of colours, I am sure your BIL will be very pleased to receive it. It's good to see you getting back into making your lovely cards again.
Take care
Joanie xxxx

Linda said...

Great to see you have found your mojo again. I seem to have found mine too.

Well done on the weight loss, can you let me in on the secret.

Danni said...

Beautiful card! We're always here when you can make time, we all know that life happens!! Hugs!