Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Craft class

Here we are and it's Tuesday again and I am feeling a bit nervous as this is the big day for me - my first crafting class. I go back this afternoon as volunteer [on probation may I add] at the sheltered housing complex. I am hoping I will get at least 6 people who want to have a go at the crafting and have made up 7 packs just in case [ever optimistic me].

Here is a picture of the card I am hoping they will want to make - what do you think?

Plain card from stash
Embossed cardstock again stash
Layered sheet by Joanie
Jewels, Bow, Cuttlebug Happy Birthday

The layered sheet is made by a forum friend [Many thanks Joanie]. Wish me luck and I will you know how I got on later.

1 comment:

sheffsue said...

You'll be OK Liz.....and you have chosen something which will be fairly easy for beginners and will produce beautiful cards.