Wednesday, 28 May 2008


What a dull and miserable day, looks like the weather down south has finally caught up with us and all our beautiful sunshine has disappeared!
Well my crafting class yesterday went down like a bomb but I at least got two ladies who were interested and with a little coaching managed to make two lovely cards. One lady Trudy was a dear, and I have been told on good authority that she is going around the home today, showing everyone her card she made - that news alone has made my day!

Here is a picture of Trudy proudly showing off her card.


Wendy said...

Dear Liz,

I knew you had it in you to teach other people of what you know! I am very happy for you and I think you have done an excellent job! It must be a comforting and funny thought that Trudy has by now showed her card to everyone!

Toni said...

well done teach
you can tell she had a good time and fantastic card too

Cazz said...

The lady looks so happy with her card xxx Good luck with the next one x