Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I've been Tagged!

Looks like I have been well and truly tagged by Joanie, [might have been by Cazz a while back but was on holiday] so here goes ladies......

What was I up to 10 years ago........

I was working as an Administration Manager for a small double glazing firm. I loved my job as I was my own boss more or less and left to run the office apart from an office junior to help. Due to ill health I had to give it up in 2002 and am now retired. Previously I had been a Lettings Officer with Scottish Homes another job which I loved but was made redundant in 1997 the same year I started with the glazing company.

5 Things to do list......................
1. Get some washing done.
2. Clean up after the painter has left.
3. Update by blog!
4. Go make some cards
5. Catch with my friends on the forum!

Snacks I enjoy....................
Any kind of fruit I love, strawberries and cherries being my absolute favourites, the odd packet of raisins, a fruit scone as an occasional treat, I loved a bit of chocolate now and again but now it's a no no because of my diabetes. Mostly I sit at my computer with just drinks of water to keep me going. Sounds boring eh!

Things I would do if I was a Millionaire.............
Firstly I would see that my family had their dream homes and some money in the bank to make them feel secure.
I would buy a house with a gorgeous view and big enough to have that all important craft room that I have always wanted. I would then go on a holiday to all the places in the world I have longed to visit and spend more time with our extended family in Canada.
I would hire a chef to cook for me all the healthy foods that I am supposed to eat and not have to worry about calories anymore as someone else would do that for me! Maybe even my own weight trainer - who knows!
I would give generously to all my favourite charities and it would be so nice to have some money left in the bank to be able to just go out and spend - craft shops look out!

Places I have lived............
That's an easy one as apart from Brechin for the last 4 years I have lived in various parts of Aberdeen all my life.

Thats all my questions answered, all I have to do now is Tag some people!

The people I will Tag are.................

Margaret A

I hope it got it right and sorry folks if you have been tagged before.

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